The History of Kegworth Town Cricket Club

The first match that was recorded was played by the club on July 3rd in 1848 at the town of Leicester. Sideley was the place where the first ground of the club was situated. They then moved to a playing field in Long Lane, right before settling down at the current venue on the King George Five Playing Field.

The very early wickets used to be ill prepared and hence the early matches used to be games with very low scores. There was a game featuring Kegworth that was the ultimate low scoring game versus Diseworth who happened to score the one and only run in the game, which too was scored as an extra! In another of the earlier games Kegworth ousted Sandiacre for a paltry 4 runs, but still, in countering they managed to only score the same.

Ever since 1848, with the exception of one league season, Kegworth kept playing friendlies all the way up to 1962. This is when e North West Leicestershire League was joined by the 2nd team which was shortly followed by the 1st team. The most successful and exciting period started in 1975 when the 1st XI came back winning the Brian Clarke Cup and the Second Division Championship.

The Club went on to be the first Division runners-up in the year 1976 and went on to win the Loughborough Charity Cup both in 1977 andin 1978. They also won the Rural Tankard Cup in 1978. During 1982. the club made a move to the higher standards of the Leicester Club League. They won the Aronsohn Cup in 1981 and in 1984, they claimed the Loughborough Charity Cup for the third time.

The 2nd Team held on to the Third Division Championship held in 1986 and since then, they are runners-up in different divisions in different years. The 1st XI turned up as runners up in Division 1 during 1984 and were then again judged runners up at the Division 2 held in 1996. The Club has been consistently winning indoor competitions held during the winter months and they have appeared in eight finals.

As they go into 21st century, Kegworth Cricket Club seems to be in a very healthy state. The 1st Team plays in Division 2 as part of the Everards Leicestershire County League while the 2nd XI are playing in Division 6. The Club now also fields a onxe a week evening side, a Team that plays Sundays which takes care of friendly fixtures and also an indoor side for winters. A much thriving junior section is also in existence. Secretary Robert Sutton, in 1934, made a record of the Annual General Meeting Minutes "we face difficulty, like a number of many other clubs, in repeating previous glories due to lack of interest amongst the younger peer group". These sound like familiar words while starting in the new century but luckily not at Kegworth. Kegworth is always looking out for new players in any age group at any standard. Juniors are provided with coaching.

The club is now ready to take on new challenges and scale new heights with all the seasons covered. What is also working for the club is its coaching program for young budding cricketers who will help brighten the history.

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